Pee Wee Bits Medium

Macs Equine Pee Wee Horse Bit


Pee Wee Horse Bits are gentle and acceptable to the softest mouth, whilst providing maximum control with less pressure, preventing injury to the sensitive parts of the horse's mouth.


As an introdction to us being made a prefered Retailer we are offering, for a limited time, these at 10% off the normal retail price of $115.00

Advantages of the Macs Equine Pee Wee Horse Bit - The mouth bar


Surveys have shown that 80% of horses have low palates and large fleshy tongues. This means that the majority of bits on the market are too thick in the mouth bar and so don't leave enough room in the mouth for the tongue. As a result the tongue lifts the mouth bar up until it contacts the roof of the mouth (mouth palate) and usually results in severe bruising to the palate, which generally goes unnoticed by the horse owner.


Who has this bit been successful for?


  • Eventers for cross country phase: can help with strong pullers or rude      horses that dislike the actions of Pelham's, gags and the like.
  • Dressage riders: for using at home, re-schooling horses that have      become heavy in the hand, for riding out to give relief from the usual      bit.
  • Racehorses: used widely in the US for racing, retraining and      trackwork.
  • Steve Brady- recommends the Pee Wee.


Sizes available:


  • Mini - Under 12hh, Shetlands or similar
  • Standard - to fit 12.2hh to 15.2hh, or horse normally in      4"-5" bit
  • Medium - To fit 15.2hh to 17hh, or horse normally in 5" to      6" bit
  • Large - To fit over 17hh, or horse normally in 6" to 7" bit



Other options:

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