Pee Wee

Sweet Iron Bit


Pee Wee Horse Bits are gentle, acceptable to the softest mouth, providing maximum control with less pressure, preventing injury to the sensitive parts of the mouth. What makes the Pee Wee Bit unique is the way it delivers a clear signal. The Bit avoids placing pressure on the sensitive parts of the mouth, is light and comfortable, which is very acceptable to the horse. Traditional bits can cause discomfort and pain, and send a broken signal which causes confusion. Common problems which you will be familiar with include pinching of the sensitive parts of the mouth lips and tongue, and the nut cracker effect which causes pain to the roof of the mouth and sides of the bars. There is no confusion or broken signals. With pressure on both reins the signal is to the top of the bars, encouraging the horse to tuck his chin and flex at the pole. When pulling his head around the signal is to the side of the lower jaw only. This means you can control even the most stubborn horse with the minimum amount of pressure.


Mini - 3-4"

Small - 4-5"

Medium - 5-6"

Large - 6"+