Carousel Equestrian

Lambskin Dressage Square - Merlot Deluxe


Stunning saddle blanket complete with full lambskin under the saddle area, pockets, inserts (shims) and a clear spine design for the ultimate in comfort and functionality. This design is a straight cut shape which is perfect for dressage saddles. All of our products are created using first grade Australian lambskin, not sheepskin. 

Individual front and back pockets with secure velcro closure allow you to add shims in to the front and/or back to add extra cushioning and comfort and assist with saddle fitting issues as your horses muscles change. A full set of removable 12mm closed cell memory foam inserts are included. 

The deluxe range is made of satin for something extra special. We use dark lining for our light colours, and non-slip material for the new satin products in the deluxe range.  

Our new design features a higher swept front for additional wither clearance, the new stylish design is slightly shorter top to girth, and features the all new standard sizing throughout our entire range.

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