Omeg-3 Boost - 1.5kg


Boost all round healthy function, encourage healing, provide ease of movement.

NOW enriched with collagen - proven results for joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and skin!

A unique omega 3, anti-oxidant and prebioitc formula to boost the body and promote healthy function in all horses using proven ingredients !

1. Assists healthy hind-gut - Contains a proven live yeast prebiotic to assist healthy hind gut and function.

2. DHA assists immunity and reduces inflammation anywhere in the body - Omeg 3 Boost contains pure DHA! -  Science concludes DHA is the most important fatty acid which has a profound affect on function and the ability to assist immune function and anti-inflammatory response.


3. Assists skin, hooves and coat - for healthy skin, coat and stronger hooves, also reducing allergic skin reactions.

4. Assists airways and respiratory function.

5. Improves joint function. Assists muscular function.

6. Assists with growth and development or maintenance of adult horses with proven ingredients !

7. Assists tendons, ligament, skin and encourages repair.  Containing a proven Collagen peptide + DHA for all round joint support.

All horses benefit when fed Omeg3 Boost - simply add to your normal feeding regime.

Omeg 3 Boost helps maintain healthy function.  Recommended for all horses and any diet. Contains a safe level of selenium when used alongside normal feeds.