Standard Snaffle


Flexible mouthpiece with a flexible steel core.

The thermoplast selected for use in NATHE mouthpieces is particularly noted for very good resistance to microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and possesses a high degree of mechanical strength as well as extremely good flexibility when cold. A special tensile strength inspection of the mouthpieces guarantees the safety of horse and rider. All STANDARD mouthpieces have an internal stainless steel core.
All bits are finished by hand and made in Germany, representing the highest quality. The sidepieces are made of stainless steel and hand polished. The shape and material lead to optimum acceptance and promote intensive chewing/salivation.
Horses gladly and willing accept the bit. The gentle effect on tongue, bars and corners of the mouth make NATHE bits the bit of choice for particularly sensitive, mouthy horses and support a sympathetic and incomparably sensitive communication with the horse"s mouth.

Information about material. NATHE thermoplast mouthpieces are much lighter and softer than mouthpieces in metal. Horses" teeth are much harder than any synthetic material and can shorten the life of a thermoplast bit. Damage is very unlikely but not impossible if teeth have sharp edges, by correctly fitting the mouthpiece and securing in the toothfree space between the incisors and molars, the bars (diastema). Unfortunately, our guarantee does not cover for damage through biting or not securing correctly.

Thickness: 20 mm, Rings: Ø 7.5 cm
Size: 130mm