Roeckl Size Guide

Determine your glove size:

Open your hand and place the tape measure around the base of your knuckles (not including your thumb). Now make a loose fist and measure the circumference.

If you do not have a tape measure at your disposal, you can use a piece of string to take the measurement and then determine the length of the string using a ruler.

Glove Size Circumference of Hand
6 16.5cm
6.5 17.6cm
7 18.9cm
7.5 20.3cm
8 21.6cm
8.5 23.0cm
9 24.3cm
9.5 25.7cm
10 27.0cm
10.5 28.4cm
11 29.7cm
11.5 31.1cm
12 32.4cm

The given sizes are just a guideline.

Children's Gloves Size Chart
Glove Size Circumference of Hand
3 14cm
4 15cm
5 16cm

As every child grows and develops differently, our size guide can only serve as a rough guideline.