EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle


Benefits of the EZ-CONTROL full cheek snaffle:

  • More effective aids due to leverage effect only in direction of pull, and with lateral flexibility of the external parts of the bit
  •  Aids are more effective and gentle on the mouth
  •  Easier and faster communication between horse and rider
  •  Optimal effect with minimal pressure on the reins, ideal for horses which are going against the rider's hand

The EZ-CONTROL full cheek snaffle has stood the test in show jumping, because here it can be difficult to bring the horse back to the hand. Using bits that are too severe often makes the horse to cautious, resulting in a lack of impulsion before the jump. This negative effect does not occur with the EZ-CONTROL full cheek snaffle.

If required, the EZ-CONTROL crossbar snaffle has a strong leverage effect on the horse. As soon as the horse accepts the rein aids, the bit has a soft and comfortable action on tongue and bars. The EZ-CONTROL bit admits a more precise impact on the horse even with reduced pressure on the reins.

More benefits of the full cheek snaffle:

  • The long bars enhance the impact on the horse's mouth from outside, thus facilitating the contact with the outside rein
  • The leverage effect of the crossbar snaffle is low but can be increased by the insertion of additional straps, which fasten the upper bars to the bridle
  • The full cheek snaffle is particularly suitable for the training of young horses and for lunging