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Size: 1kg

A new natural botanical formula effective in promoting a healthy gastric system that works 3 ways to support the healing of gastric ulcers and gastric imbalance.

  • Gastro Go is a tried and true formula that soothes the gastro intestinal tract fast and gives horses the nutrients they need to recover from gastric upsets and ulceration. Appetite often improves quickly within just a few days of feeding or syringing Gastro Go. If your horse is lacking condition and topline and is fussy to changes in feed or has a poor appetite, GASTRO GO is highly recommended!
  • Gastro Go is a low dose formula that can be used as a liquid and syringed orally or used as a powder in the feed. We recommend syringing fussy feeder for the first few days.
  • Gastro Go is incredible value at only $2 or less for a loading dose and $1 or less for maintenance! The enclosed scoop holds a loading dose of 20g.

(Price depends on size of pack purchased). Gastro Go is available in 1kg foil packet, and 3kg tub. 

Sometimes horses will often relax and owners will see signs of temperament improvement within days. WE RECOMMEND THAT THE FULL DOSE IS USED UNTIL ALL ISSUES/SYMPTOMS ARE RESOLVED BEFORE REDUCING THE DOSE. This typically takes 5-6 weeks but results may vary. Management practises may need to be adjusted to maintain the results.

It is commonly known that gastric ulceration is a significant issue with working horses, and common even in foals. Research suggests that over 80% of all working horses struggle with this issue routinely. Modern day practises of meal feeding, reduced fibre, feeding unprocessed grains and stabling are all contributing factors. 
Nutritionally we can be proactive in helping horses be less susceptible to ulceration and we can aid the body by supplying nutrients to aid recovery.
Gastro Go is not a drug.
~ Intermittent or poor appetite
~ Poor condition or hard to condition (although fat horses can also suffer)
~ Lack of interest in hard feed but happy to eat grass or hay. A fussy eater.
~ Loose manure
~ On edge, constantly fidgety or pawing the ground and restless. Grumpy or over reactive. Some horses can be reactive and dangerous.
Please note horses can be very individual in their symptoms and may have none or all of these symptoms.
Please note that some of these symptoms can also indicate your horse could be suffering from grass related mycotoxosis. Please also read our problem horse section for other possible causes. Stuck? Contact us for advice in unravelling the mystery!


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