Vet Pro

Lysine-T - 1.5Kg


Vetpro Lysine-T is an amino acid supplement which contains the essential amino acids Lysine and Threonine. Scientific research has shown that young horses show improved growth, and older horses can show improved muscle mass, plus horses in work (particularly low carbohydrate/high fat/low forage diets) benefit from Lysine and Threonine supplementation.

In summary where to use Vetpro Lysine-T:

  • In the young growing horse to maximise growth rates.
  • In the active horse used for moderate to heavy work.
  • In horses where the increase of protein may result in the horse blowing, overheating and producing high ammonia in the urine.
  • In the older horse to maintain its muscle mass, where increasing protein in the diet is often not appropriate due to digestibility being difficult in the aged horse.