Equine Patch

Magnetic Healing Patch



EquinePatch is a new company offering an affordable bipolar magnetic patch using 4 x 3400 GUASS Neodymium magnets for the standard EquinePatch and 6 x 3400 GUASS Neodymium magnets for the extra strong and larger EquinePatch. This covered in a strong Neoprene material. This patch which is 100% non-invasive will help with the treatment and healing of splints, arthritis, windgalls, spavins, thorough-pins and tendon injuries. Unlike boots and wraps this patch can be placed to target a specific area, and is held in place by a bandage or boot. Priced at just £25 per patch, please message for further information. The photo at the top is of our own pony who had a huge splint just under his knee. Using this patch we have managed to reduce it to nothing (totally flat), and this year he was Champion at HOYS. Prior to launching EquinePatch we treated 3 others also with the same results.

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is a long-used but little-understood use of magnetic fields for treatment of various medical conditions. It has been used in human medicine for a long time and has recently become more popular in treating animals. The magnets come in many sizes and strengths. Out Magnets contain four of the most powerful magnets available and are over twice the power of other products in the market. 

Magnetic therapies heal the body by restoring effective circulation and eliminating inflammation. Increased blood flow to a diseased part of the body encourages an increase in nutrients to that location, speeding up the healing process. While magnetic therapies cannot cure all medical problems, they are an inexpensive, non-invasive, and safe option to use in healing. 

Magnetic Therapy Procedure in Horses

Magnets cause an increase in blood flow, which is one possible explanation for why it may help alleviate in some cases cure medical conditions. Our product has been developed as a cost effective solution that can be easily placed in the position were the treatment is directly required. 

Product Details

Bipolar Magnetic patch, completely handmade in the UK using 4 x neodymium guass 2800 magnets. An aid for the help in healing splints, tendon injuries, windgalls, thorough-pins, spavins and aid in the management of arthritis. Leave on for a maximum of 12 hours per day.