Dunstan Resolve 20kg


Please note that feed is not able to be delivered. Available to pick up in store only.
  • A low starch feed ideal for horses that do not tolerate high starch rations for behavioural or physiological reasons
  • As a semi-concentrate muesli, Dunstan Resolve has an elevated inclusion of key nutrients, therefore making it ideal for 'good doers' and those that do not require the higher intakes of a traditional 'full feed'
  • Contains Melofeed, a natural source of primary antioxidants that assist in maintaining cartilage integrity for joint health in the performance horse 
  • Antioxidant properties of Melofeed benefit equine muscle membrane, helping to prevent muscle lesions that may occur in horses during intense exercise
  • Dunstan Resolve includes the highly digestible 'sugar-fibres' Sugarbeet and Soya Hulls, providing quality fibre for equine digestive health and 'cool energy' for controlled performance 
  • Lupins are a key ingredient in Dunstan Resolve. Lupins are low in starch, calorie-dense and provide energy to perform while maintaining a focused mind for the competition horse. The high fibre nature of Lupins results in efficient hindgut digestion, an essential benefit in all equine diets
  • Dunstan Resolve includes an elevated level of biotin to assist with hood growth and hardness
  • An elevated inclusion level of Vegetable Oil in Dunstan Resolve provides a concentrate source of 'cool' calories to meet the energy demands of the sporthorse for both body condition and performance
  • Addition of Vegetable Oil enhances skin and coat condition