Sweet Iron 2.5 Ring Waterford


A 2.5 ring bit is a milder version of a 3 ring (pessoa) bit. Leverage can be created with this bit. The lower the reins are placed, the tighter the bit becomes. An ideal bit for horses that are very strong in the course, gripping the bit or walking through the hand. Compared to the 2.5 snaffle bit, the water snaffle rings can move loosely, so that there is more movement in the bit and the help of the hand works more indirectly.

A waterford mouthpiece consists of a series of rounded links. It is a flexible bit that molds to the horse's mouth and creates an even pressure. It can move in all directions making it difficult for the horse to grip the bit so that the rider maintains proper control. This bit is not suitable for inexperienced riders. In soft hands this mouthpiece is friendly but with a hard hand the bit can be sharp.

The Sweet Iron bits are made of steel and have a recognizable blue color. Sweet Iron develops surface rust through contact with (air) moisture that tastes sweet and stimulates the horse's saliva production in a natural way. This will cause the horse to foam more, which ensures better acceptance of the bit. This rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue color of the TRUST bits to brown-grey.