Therapeutic Soft Gel Pad - Black


The perfect fit for the horse’s back, suitable for any type of saddle.

The flagship of Acavallo gel pad is featured by products that use therapeutic gel as feedstock, the same used in health care to promote the patients’ health. Acavallo gel pad has a remarkable ability to absorb shocks; it is non-slip, antibacterial, and non-toxic. Non-slip gel means the pad does not move on the horse’s back, and the saddle, once positioned, does not move on the pad.

Classic Gel Pad

The extremely lightweight Classic Gel Pad may be used directly on the horse’s back. The Acavallo Gel Pad has the ability to allow the skin to breathe while maintaining contact with the saddle. It may be combined with different materials such as sheepskin, wool and Dri-Lex, which is the only material that keeps horses dry and comfortable because it combines hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers in a composite structure that is unique in the industry.

Made in Italy

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